Hello all!

I am aware that I have not posted for awhile.  It has been a crazy time for me.  A few weeks ago I got a nasty sinus infection, which mostly caused severe headaches.  I was concerned because I am on Procrit shots, which can cause blood clots.  I was on a couple rounds of antibiotics.  When I went off, I noticed tooth pain.  I went to the dentist and was concerned it was another root canal.  It was far worse – two cracked teeth down to the roots so no root canal could be done. 

 I went a week later to the oral surgeon and had them pulled.  It was not a fun experience.  Now with the cancer the big question remains whether implants will work. The oral surgeon is saying one thing and my regular dentist, who is great and has known me for over 25 years, thinks they won’t work.  I asked the surgeon to talk to my oncologist.  Those of us with cancer truly have to be on top of it all – and we get tired don’t we?

 But Friday I got very good news.  Audrey Hassan, editor, researcher and friend of all of us called me from the MDS Foundation.  She asked if I would be OK with having the article I wrote several weeks ago published in the e-news next month and the print copy in the fall.  I stammered that I did not think the article was that good while she said “Are you kidding?” I tend to not be as confident about my writing – or anything else – as I could be, but am thrilled!

Meanwhile – I am on chapter 63 of the book I am writing on Growing up Deaf.  There is so much to tell and I have no idea when I will finish, but I feel deep down this is my best book yet.  I can see how many people it will help including deaf/hard of hearing/parents/children/teachers/interpreters/friends of the deaf and so many more!

Sita and I have been outside some which is wonderful.  We go to the nearest coffee shops and she loves to sniff the air while I write.

 I am getting great messages from many of you and please do keep them coming!  More later and love to all my readers!