I have truly found I enjoy writing and it is almost like breathing to me. Much as I love to socialize and get out with people, I really enjoy just writing and putting down my thoughts. I also love hearing other authors speak!

I am going to hear Louise Penny on December 4th and am very excited. I had friends and relatives recommend her books for years. Once I got started reading her series because of a book club I belong to, I am hooked! I took a Canadian cruise this summer and we embarked from Montreal. I want to go back to this fascinating and diverse city, since I did not spend enough time there. This is where the books take place in a fictional village called Three Pines.”

What I did not expect was to get ideas for the blogs I write on a regular basis for Cure Today magazine. This informative and well - known magazine welcomes contributions from people who have cancer and stories of their cancer journey. The first book Still Lives inspired me to write the blog Still Lives and Cancer. The second book Fatal Grace inspired me to write an article titled Shining through the Cracks of Cancer. I am presently reading the third book and am sure I will get some more ideas! Both articles are here on the website.

I have contacted Louise Penny and she has an employee from Scotland (I love the global aspect) who responds to the e-mails and has assured me that Louise enjoys the articles. Imagine how wonderful it will be to meet her!

While on the subject of writing, I need to write down my articles in pen before I type them up. I know some authors tell me they do everything on a laptop - it is just a difference in style. But somehow the transfer from the brain to the pen to the typing helps me. There has been a new Starbucks opened near my apartment. I go there several times a week to write with my wonderful hearing ear dog partner, Sita. The staff loves her and gives her a “pup cup” cup full of whipped cream. Here she is just sitting and watching me and the other people while I write away. It just doesn’t get any better than this!

I hope all of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Be grateful - we all have so much to be grateful for and need a day to remember that. But it is also something we should remember all year! Blessings to all!