HI everybody!!

I have had a website for several years but did not keep it updated and it looked worn out to me! I also had only written one book Here to bump and bump to hear which is a picture book on my hearing ear dog, Sita..

I decided to completely overhaul and change the website. I have written two more books since then. The first one is titled Paw prints on my soul: lessons of a service dog and is a devotional on my beloved hearing ear dog, Sita and everything that she has taught me. In 2010 I was diagnosed with cancer and the second book is title Life is short - eat the donut: Insights on my cancer journey.

This book was started as a series of articles I wrote for Cure Today magazine blog. You can enjoy this informative and wonderful website yourself at http://curetoday.com

I began to write article after article and when people both with and without cancer commented how much these articles helped them I decided to combine them into a book. I have written over 50 more since then and love to do my writing.

Presently I am continuing to blog for Cure today and working on aniother book. When I taught at a community college for 10 years, my students were fascinated by my stories about growing up hard of hearing without the benefit of interpreters, note takers, assistive listening devices, a service dog, or captioning. They were horrified that I got my hands slapped for not listening buy a first grade teacher because I was not listening and no one knew I was partially deaf. People were interested when I became profoundly deaf from the chemo I was on to help me with my cancer. I am writing a book on growing up and being both def and hard of hearing. Stay posted!

I welcome any and all comments on my website and can be reached at Jane.M.Biehl@gmail.com. I hope you benefit from reading this as much as I have developing and writing it!