Yesterday I was asked to attend an Author’s Fair at the Massillon Public Library. I had been there the year before and enjoyed it. This was a great chance to mingle with other authors, hear them talk about their writing journey and buy some books! Plus we had great refreshments!

I was asked to speak first. I showcased all three of my books but the favorite story came from Paw prints on my soul:Lessons of a service dog. Sita is one of the most sensitive and intelligent dogs I have ever seen. For 7 years she went with me to appointments in the private practice where I worked as a Professional Clinical Counselor.

I have many stories about how her gentle nature impacted my clients but my favorite story is this one. I was sitting on a chair facing my clinet who was on the couch talking to me. Neither one of us was paying any attention to Sita, who appeared to be asleep under my desk. My client was sobbing as she described her terrible childhood.

Suddenly Sita came out from underneath the desk. She reached on the top and pulled a tissue out of the box lying there. Then, she trotted over and handed the tissue to my client with her mouth.

My mouth dropped to the floor in amazement. My client started laughing and said “Sita you just made my day! “ I chuckled and told her that she should pay Sita and not me for the session! But the wonderful thing about this was that she had never been taught to do this. She had been observing me and knew that when someone cried I handed them a tissue. So she did my job for me. What a fantastic dog! If people would spend more time observing and less time talking think what we could accomplish! This and other heartwarming stories are available in my book.


HI everybody!!

I have had a website for several years but did not keep it updated and it looked worn out to me! I also had only written one book Here to bump and bump to hear which is a picture book on my hearing ear dog, Sita..

I decided to completely overhaul and change the website. I have written two more books since then. The first one is titled Paw prints on my soul: lessons of a service dog and is a devotional on my beloved hearing ear dog, Sita and everything that she has taught me. In 2010 I was diagnosed with cancer and the second book is title Life is short - eat the donut: Insights on my cancer journey.

This book was started as a series of articles I wrote for Cure Today magazine blog. You can enjoy this informative and wonderful website yourself at

I began to write article after article and when people both with and without cancer commented how much these articles helped them I decided to combine them into a book. I have written over 50 more since then and love to do my writing.

Presently I am continuing to blog for Cure today and working on aniother book. When I taught at a community college for 10 years, my students were fascinated by my stories about growing up hard of hearing without the benefit of interpreters, note takers, assistive listening devices, a service dog, or captioning. They were horrified that I got my hands slapped for not listening buy a first grade teacher because I was not listening and no one knew I was partially deaf. People were interested when I became profoundly deaf from the chemo I was on to help me with my cancer. I am writing a book on growing up and being both def and hard of hearing. Stay posted!

I welcome any and all comments on my website and can be reached at I hope you benefit from reading this as much as I have developing and writing it!