Last evening I had the pleasure of hearing Delia Owens speak at Book a Million in North Canton, Ohio. she was wonderful. She had written 3 nonfiction books and “Where the Crawdads Sing” was her first fiction book which sailed to the New York Times Best seller list. When asked which was easier to write I loved her answer. She explained that non fiction was more factual and like being in a cage. Fiction meant you were out of the cage and could take the book anywhere you wanted to go!

This book is now being made into a movie. She is also working on a new fiction book. She lived for 23 years in remote Africa and had many stories to tell including how she was charged by lions and elephants, but dreaded public speaking even moire! I love hearing the different authors speak.

I have over 40 chapters written for my non fiction book and am still writing away. I am being deterred by income tax which is not nearly as much fun!

Also - the international Myelodysplasia Foundation has written and asked me to write an article for them on my journey with MDS to be published in their next newsletter. I am busy and happy. My health took a little downturn when my blood counts went haywire but I started some shots to get the red cells going which are working very well. So life is good! More later - another book signing coming up soon!



As many of you know, I love to listen to other authors speak and it helps me with my own writing. I am so pleased that Books a Million at the Strip in North Canton, Ohio, is featuring Delia Owens on February 20th, 2019 from 6-8 PM.

My book club really is fantastic and forces me to read books outside of my comfort zone. Our selection for February was Delia Owen’s book “Where the Crawdads Sing.” I knew nothing about this author except her book was number 1 bestseller on the New York Times Bestseller list!

Any reader would find something wonderful about this book. Her description is unbelievable. She and her husband lived in Africa for man years and the story is about a young girl called the “Marsh Girl” who was forced to live on her own after being deserted by her family. The author takes you away to the marshes in North Carolina and teaches you so much about wildlife. The characterization is incredible and you feel like you know the people in the book. Finally there is an intriguing mystery when someone is killed and a twist at the end of the book that will keep you gasping.

If you have a chance to read this book - please do it. And know how fortunate we are to have her in our back yard! There is a charge but you receive her book! If you cannot go, I will be following up after I hear her program! Contact BAM for more details!


Many of you have met Sita and read about her on Facebook.  Several of you have read my recent book Paw prints on my soul: Lessons of a service dog.  You therefore know how this amazing dog opened up a whole new world to me of sounds I never knew were out there and how she keeps me safe.

I received Sita from a wonderful agency called Circle Tail near Cincinnati.  For over 20 years under the direction of the great Dog Whisperer, Marlys Staley, this agency has managed to partner people with mobility issues, hearing problems and diabetes and other physical problems with the perfect dog companion for them.  Presently they are breeding and whelping dogs on the grounds and need your help.

Circle Tail would like to expand their services further north.  They have several adorable and engaging puppies that need to be socialized and trained.  Basic training is done by women handlers in two prisons, but the dogs need to learn how to interact with families and socially.  They are looking for foster parents to take the dogs. You are allowed two other dogs, cats and children. You would have to travel some to Circle Tail, but much of the training would be done in the northeast area. The dogs are between the ages of 6 months to two years.  Another person, Kim Wallick, who has a daughter with mobility issues and received a wonderful dog from Circle Tail, has agreed along with me to help out locally when needed. Veterinarian bills and dog food costs will be covered.

If you are interested at all, please review the information and FAQ’s about fostering on the Circle Tail website at:

Kim and I also have brochures we can deliver or mail to you.  Contact us on Facebook. Thank you for helping others as we have been helped.      


Everyone is so busy after the holidays and now I am catchinmg my breath. I just wanted to update everyone!

Sita is just amazing. Right before Christmas, a private school in Akron named SCOPE contacted me and invited me to speak. Upon finding it would not be a long walk and a short program I decided to take Sita. I was promised around 22 students. kindergarten and first grade.

After mentioning Circle Tail the teacher told me that the students handmade some doggy treats and sold them. The profits would go to them. I was thrilled and off we went.

That dog was wonderful. Since it is so hard for her now with arthritis to get up and down I only had her show them a couple of things she does for me like picking up my keys and bumping me when someone knocks. I talked about what service dogs do and specifically the training at Circle Tail. I then had her lie on the floor and every single child go to go through and pet her. And there were more than 22 kids but that is OK! teachers were peeking in too! She was so patient and good. THe kids mentioned how soft she was. They had many good questions!

When we were done the teacher told me they had collected over 100 dollars and sent the money to Cicle Tail., I was surprised but they worked hard at it. I also left my firs book - Here to Bump and Bump to Hear with the classroom.I also thanked the phenomenal teacher who organized everything.

So because of my beautiful dog, Circle Tail got a much needed donation right before Christmas and the children learned the pleasure of giving.


Earlier in one of my blogs I talked about how excited I was to hear Louise Penny in person! I e-mailed ahead to ask for front seats for my friend Edlyn Theiss and me, because there were almost 500 people and I knew I would not be able to hear. The Cuyahoga County Library System is one of the best in the country and they were amazing! They had a loop ready for me to use with my hearing aids and took me right down to the front row center in front of Louise. Because I made the reservations early, I was one of 100 people asked to stay and get my book personalized! She had autographed a book with her name for every person there. When I reached her, a library employee offered to take my picture. I whispered in her ear that I was the one writing articles based on her book for Cure Today. She knew all about it! When I got home and looked at my book she had put “thank you for your kindness!” I cried and was so happy! She is not only a fantastic author but a class act.

I also made the number one of all the articles published in Cure Today for November - see the video on the video page.

Finally I heard from Cure that they are considering one of my articles for a print version which goes to every oncologist’’s office in the country - more on that later.

I am struggling as a new writer and all of these events encourage me so much! Thank you all for your support and following my journey with me!




I have truly found I enjoy writing and it is almost like breathing to me. Much as I love to socialize and get out with people, I really enjoy just writing and putting down my thoughts. I also love hearing other authors speak!

I am going to hear Louise Penny on December 4th and am very excited. I had friends and relatives recommend her books for years. Once I got started reading her series because of a book club I belong to, I am hooked! I took a Canadian cruise this summer and we embarked from Montreal. I want to go back to this fascinating and diverse city, since I did not spend enough time there. This is where the books take place in a fictional village called Three Pines.”

What I did not expect was to get ideas for the blogs I write on a regular basis for Cure Today magazine. This informative and well - known magazine welcomes contributions from people who have cancer and stories of their cancer journey. The first book Still Lives inspired me to write the blog Still Lives and Cancer. The second book Fatal Grace inspired me to write an article titled Shining through the Cracks of Cancer. I am presently reading the third book and am sure I will get some more ideas! Both articles are here on the website.

I have contacted Louise Penny and she has an employee from Scotland (I love the global aspect) who responds to the e-mails and has assured me that Louise enjoys the articles. Imagine how wonderful it will be to meet her!

While on the subject of writing, I need to write down my articles in pen before I type them up. I know some authors tell me they do everything on a laptop - it is just a difference in style. But somehow the transfer from the brain to the pen to the typing helps me. There has been a new Starbucks opened near my apartment. I go there several times a week to write with my wonderful hearing ear dog partner, Sita. The staff loves her and gives her a “pup cup” cup full of whipped cream. Here she is just sitting and watching me and the other people while I write away. It just dsoes’t get any better than this!

I hope all of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Be grateful - we all have so much to be grateful for and need a day to remember that. But it is also something we should remember all year! Blessings to all!



Yesterday I was asked to attend an Author’s Fair at the Massillon Public Library. I had been there the year before and enjoyed it. This was a great chance to mingle with other authors, hear them talk about their writing journey and buy some books! Plus we had great refreshments!

I was asked to speak first. I showcased all three of my books but the favorite story came from Paw prints on my soul:Lessons of a service dog. Sita is one of the most sensitive and intelligent dogs I have ever seen. For 7 years she went with me to appointments in the private practice where I worked as a Professional Clinical Counselor.

I have many stories about how her gentle nature impacted my clients but my favorite story is this one. I was sitting on a chair facing my clinet who was on the couch talking to me. Neither one of us was paying any attention to Sita, who appeared to be asleep under my desk. My client was sobbing as she described her terrible childhood.

Suddenly Sita came out from underneath the desk. She reached on the top and pulled a tissue out of the box lying there. Then, she trotted over and handed the tissue to my client with her mouth.

My mouth dropped to the floor in amazement. My client started laughing and said “Sita you just made my day! “ I chuckled and told her that she should pay Sita and not me for the session! But the wonderful thing about this was that she had never been taught to do this. She had been observing me and knew that when someone cried I handed them a tissue. So she did my job for me. What a fantastic dog! If people would spend more time observing and less time talking think what we could accomplish! This and other heartwarming stories are available in my book.


HI everybody!!

I have had a website for several years but did not keep it updated and it looked worn out to me! I also had only written one book Here to bump and bump to hear which is a picture book on my hearing ear dog, Sita..

I decided to completely overhaul and change the website. I have written two more books since then. The first one is titled Paw prints on my soul: lessons of a service dog and is a devotional on my beloved hearing ear dog, Sita and everything that she has taught me. In 2010 I was diagnosed with cancer and the second book is title Life is short - eat the donut: Insights on my cancer journey.

This book was started as a series of articles I wrote for Cure Today magazine blog. You can enjoy this informative and wonderful website yourself at

I began to write article after article and when people both with and without cancer commented how much these articles helped them I decided to combine them into a book. I have written over 50 more since then and love to do my writing.

Presently I am continuing to blog for Cure today and working on aniother book. When I taught at a community college for 10 years, my students were fascinated by my stories about growing up hard of hearing without the benefit of interpreters, note takers, assistive listening devices, a service dog, or captioning. They were horrified that I got my hands slapped for not listening buy a first grade teacher because I was not listening and no one knew I was partially deaf. People were interested when I became profoundly deaf from the chemo I was on to help me with my cancer. I am writing a book on growing up and being both def and hard of hearing. Stay posted!

I welcome any and all comments on my website and can be reached at I hope you benefit from reading this as much as I have developing and writing it!